New gameplay trailer for action RPG Legends of Dawn

Posted on Friday, 25 May 2012 at 10:20 PM by Riddick Vaako

Legend Of Dawn

Dreamatrix Game Studios have released the second gameplay trailer for their upcoming action adventure RPG game Legend of Dawn. The game takes the player to the brutal land of Narr which offers a unique fantasy RPG experience with a dynamic quest system and a huge world to explore. There are hundreds of unique location to be explored such as dungeons, forts, camps, cemeteries, docks, mountains, canyons, flying islands, swamps, temples, shrines etc. The players can choose from one of 3 races Human, Elf and Danian and 2 genders - male or female, there is no class restriction player will have a freedom to combine combat and magic abilities with a wide and versatile choice of weapons and spells. To see all that in action watch the trailer below which depicts some of the game features. 


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